Protecting Your Skin This Summer

protecting your skin in the sun

Hello lovelies! Hope you are all having a great week so far.

Is it just me or does summer seem to be teasing us this year?

We get some absolutely stunning weather and then in the blink of an eye rain clouds have rolled in.

Ok Mother Nature it’s June now, nothing but beautiful weather for the next few months. Deal??

As a person who struggles to stay warm 75 percent of the year I welcome the summer weather with open arms.

And although I love to spend every free moment I have enjoying the sunshine.  I have always tried to be careful about protecting my skin. I’m sure this has a lot to do with the fact that I am very fair (think Snow White),  which I really don’t mind. But it means I burn badly and easily, not cute.

So I decided while I eagerly anticipate the summer weather,  I would walk you through how I like to prep myself to ensure I am always ready for the sunshine.


I thought I would talk about hair first because it often comes as an afterthought when is comes to sun care. Your hair isn’t going to burn like your skin but the UV rays weaken your cuticles leaving your locks dry, dull and damaged.

If you are planning on spending time in the the sun pre-treat your hair with product that include UV protection.

Bring a wide brim hat along with you throughout the summer. Not only will the hat protect you hair from direct contact with the sun but it will also protect your face and ears.

Get serious with deep conditioning, if you are spending time in the sun make sure you are restoring moisture in your hair. Not only will it keep your hair hydrated but it will help create a protective barrier.

Top tip: if you are determined to wear your hair down in the sunshine dip a Q-tip in sunscreen and apply it along your part to protect your scalp.


When it comes to our face, it’s the one part of our body that gets the most exposure. No matter where you live, you should protect your face from the sun year round.

Although it is easy to make excuses about sunscreen making your skin breakout or feeling greasy underneath make-up, the risks aren’t worth it.

To make sure you are protecting your skin everyday try prepping your skin with a primer that includes an SPF (like this one) before applying your make-up.

The key is to re-apply though, if you are being exposed to the sun throughout the day you really need to be topping up. Applying once in the morning is not going to protect you skin all day.

If you are choosing to wear make-up, top up regularly by using a mineral powder that includes sun protection. This will also ensure that you are getting some coverage around the most delicate area, your eyes.

You also want make sure you are giving eyes extra protection by wearing sunglasses that have polarised lenses with UV protection.


If you are like me, you will take any short cut you can take to look your best with minimal effort. Which is why using a body cream with SPF (like this one) is such an easy way to make sure it is getting applied everyday.

I also like make sure that I also have a bottle of sunscreen in whatever bag I am carrying, so that it’s on hand no matter where I go.

Keeping a sunscreen that is easy to apply makes reapplying less of a hassle. This is why I prefer to use a spray sunscreen, they tend to blend in easier and make it easier to get those difficult to reach places. Just make sure you are rubbing in the sunscreen after you spray.


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    1. Definitely easy to forget about, I think I will be rocking the dry shampoo and hat look more this summer 😎