Detoxify the Body with Infused Water

detox water

With the warmer weather arriving I’ve been motivated to eat better and exercise more. There is just something about the hot weather that makes me crave more fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as get excited about going for a run in the morning.Β 

Just me?Β 

Anyways, as part of my health kick I’ve been drinking more water to help flush out the body and stay hydrated, but water on its own can get boring. So to add some excitement to my water I’ve been slicing up some cucumber and lime as well as throwing in a few mint leaves. This makes a lovely and refreshing infused water that offers plenty of detoxifying benefits.

Here is why…

Cucumber – It’s great for helping your skin stay clear but also contains citrulline which helps your kidney and liver get rid of ammonia.

Lime – Stimulates the digestive track which will help with constipation, heartburn and gas. It also aids in the production of bile which helps break down fat in the small intestine.

Mint – Helps with digestion and improves the flow of bile to lower intestine to break down dietary fats.

To make this detox water you will need;

4-5 slices of cucumber

3-4 slice of lime

small bunch of mint leaves


Put the cucumber, lime and mint leaves in a glass or water bottle and fill with water.

Refill throughout the day.


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